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Why Choose the Law Offices of Joseph Rosenblit?

What distinguishes my work from many other attorneys are two characteristics. First, I have made it my mission to listen carefully to my clients, respond quickly to their needs and to be there for them in a way that holds their interests above all others, including myself. Any situation that arises I will be available to respond quickly and effectively. I pride myself on caring enough about my clients, day or night, weekday or weekend, so that if they call I will do all in my power to help. That is my pledge to you.

Secondly, I'm an Orange County personal injury attorney that brings a creative approach to litigation. A seemingly simple motor vehicle accident may, when one investigates deeper, lend itself to an allegation of an inherently dangerous roadside condition in the way the area was designed or even maintained. Unmarked dangerous curves or views obstructed by foliage are examples. If the injured party happens to be a senior citizen there may be a basis for alleging elder abuse violations. As an attorney with 25 years of experience in personal injury law I will look at all possibilities when I evaluate, investigate and ultimately litigate your case.

Featured Articles

Product Liability Claims

Product liability law provides a way for people to seek personal damages from injuries caused by faulty products. Depending on the circumstance for which the product was faulty, one could sue “any or … [Read More...]

The majority of motorcycle crashes with other vehicles are not the motorcyclist’s fault

A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”) found that, “While occupant (and nonoccupant) fatalities [in cars] have decreased, motorcyclist fatalities have steadily … [Read More...]

What is Arbitration?

Arbitration is a trial like proceeding usually held by a private company such as American Arbitration Association or Judicate West. Arbitration follows many of the same proceedings as trial, including … [Read More...]

Personal Injury Statutes of Repose

Victims of an accident are often shocked to find that, having waited too long to take action against the party responsible for their injuries, they are statutorily barred from doing so. These … [Read More...]

Late Notices to Public Entities

in a previous article, some of the immunities that public entities enjoy against civil litigation were considered. A related topic involves thc pre-litigation notice that such entities are statutorily … [Read More...]

Discovery Delays & Statues of Limitations

Statutes of limitation time-bar most civil and criminal cases if a lawsuit is not commenced by some prescribed date. Generally, this date is calculated from the date of the accident or injury, but … [Read More...]

Child Sexual Abuse and Civil Torts

There are two ways to go about litigation in a child sexual abuse case, through the civil justice system or the criminal justice system. [1] With Civil litigation the defendant is held responsible for … [Read More...]

Popcorn Lung

Did you know that eating too much microwaveable popcorn could take away your lung capacity? A Colorado man found out the hard way when he contracted bronchiolitis obliterans or "popcorn lung" from … [Read More...]

From Our Personal Injury Blog

Motorcycle Injuries

Not only are operators of motorcycles more likely to be injured, but they are more likely than other motorists to suffer from many debilitating or permanent injuries. A rider should always wear the … {Read more...]

Deadly dog attacks

How much damage can a dog bite cause?  A Florida woman nearly lost an ankle when a 100 pound dog attacked her. After multiple surgeries, she even lost three inches from the afflicted ankle. The … {Read more...]

Does a felony conviction impact your civil case?

What impact, if any, does a past felony conviction have on a civil case? Someone with a past felony conviction(s), which has not been expunged, sealed or otherwise made inaccessible to the public … {Read more...]

A lawsuit has been filed in my case. Now what?

In California, once a summons and complaint has been filed and served on the defendants they must answer within thirty days of being served. Assuming they do, the parties usually engage in mutual … {Read more...]

Slip and Fall Injuries

A faulty set of stairs, a concealed hole along a grassy pathway, an unseen water stain on a dark-colored rug, or even a pedestrian walkway under construction with no detour or warning might cause … {Read more...]

What is a Fiduciary Duty?

A fiduciary duty is a special responsibility owed to you when you engage the services of certain entities to represent your interests. For example, if you hire an attorney you are relying on their … {Read more...]

What is a loss of consortium?

A loss of consortium arises when one's husband or wife is injured to such a degree that the injured spouse can no longer provide the "love, affection, companionship, comfort, or sexual relations" they … {Read more...]

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